Creating your first plan

Now that you've set up a workspace, you're ready to create your first plan. From the Getting Started menu or your Plans view, click 'Create a plan'.

1. Name your plan and set a timeline.

Start by naming your plan. This can be anything, but we recommend you call it something that describes the team or timeline: 'Marketing OKRs Q1 📣.'

Set the frequency you want for reminders and a timeline for your plan. This will set the dates on which Tability will start sending automated reminders and when the reminders will stop.

2. Add Objectives, Outcomes and Tasks

Within the plan editor, you will write your plan. A plan consists of Objectives, which will house your Outcomes, which you can then create tasks underneath. 

For each outcome, you'll be able to adjust the target goal and be able to assign it to the designated team member. There are a couple of ways to navigate. By simply pressing 'Enter', you'll be able to add a new line. If you press 'Tab', this will indent to the next step.

If you're unsure what you should write, click on 'Use a template' for inspiration or use the templates as a building block for your plan.

3. Save your plan

Now that you have set your plan, 'Save' or 'Publish to track' by clicking on this button on the top right (in blue). 

Once saved, the plan will send reminders on the designated start date.

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