Plan reviewers

Add Plan Reviewers when you're creating your plan to help you draft your plan or to keep them in the loop as you are in your planning process. Plan Reviewers will get notified of comments made in the Plan Draft.

How to add or change reviewers?

Within your plan editor page, you'll be able to edit everything about your plan, including reviewers. 

  1. Click through on 'Manage reviewers' an icon on the right-hand side
  2. Add, search or invite new users and reviewers.

How to access your Plans that you are reviewing

You can access your plan reviews from two places:

  • Your Inbox: In the left column of the page, you'll see a section called "Your Plans to Review." When you create a plan, or are added as a Reviewer, that plan will appear here.
  • Plans View: Find your planin the list. If it hasn't been published yet, it will be labeled with a 'Draft' status.
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