How to manage initiatives

Use Tasks as a way to manage action items and projects that are related to a specific outcome. 

Creating Tasks from an Outcome

Click on an outcome to bring up the outcome details panel. At the bottom of this panel, you’ll see your Tasks.

From here click on the empty text field and describe your Task. When done, click the blue ‘add’ button. 

Creating Tasks from the Tasks view

In your plan, click on the Tasks tab underneath the plan title.

Hover over the top of any column (labelled ‘this week,' ‘next week,' and ‘later') to reveal a gray '+’ symbol. Click it to add a task.

From here, fill out the Task details and click the ‘add’ button when finished.

Editing tasks

Under each task, you'll be able to add more details to give greater context to your team.

  • Title: the name given to the task to identify or describe it
  • Owner: assign the task to yourself or someone on your team. Tasks are assigned to the creator by default.
  • Due Date: add a deadline to your task
  • Description: add further description to the task

Closing a task

Click on the empty circle next to a task to complete it. A blue checkmark signifies that the task is complete.

If you’re in the Tasks view of a plan, the Task will automatically move to the done column when the checkmark is closed. 

Jira Integration

If a task is connected to a Jira ticket through our Jira Integration, the task will automatically update as the ticket is marked complete in Jira. 

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