How to align your goals?

Lesson: How to align your goals? 

📌 What does alignment mean? 

On Tability you'll be able to align your outcomes or key results to your parent outcomes, so you have a clear understanding of how each team or each department is contributing to that end main goal (or outcome). You'll be able to align upwards only, so when you are looking at the overview of your goal structure, you'll see a top-down or cascading view. 

📌 How to align your goals?

  1. Once you have set up your multiple plans. Go into the sub-plan in this example you'll see 'Digital goals' that sit under the 'Marketing goals'. Click on the three dots and press align. 

  2. Then you select the outcome you are aligning your sub-plan (Digital) goals within your parent (Marketing) goals. 
  3. Once you have selected your aligned outcome you can remove it, and then you'll go back to step 1. 
  4. Once you have aligned your sub-plan outcome with your parent outcome, you'll be able to go into your Outcomes view, click through on the Tree icon on the right, and see it is aligned. 
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