Objectives, Outcomes and Tasks

What are OKRs? 

The acronym OKRs stands for  Objectives and Key Results. Behind the scary terms is a goal-setting framework designed to help teams stay focused and aligned at scale. It started at Intel, but they've been more recently associated with Google they use OKRs to drive everything, using stretch targets to spark innovation.

What are Objectives? 

These are the goals that capture your vision, it can act as an overarching summarised goal of your Key Results or Outcomes. The question to ask is, "what I want to have accomplished.” 

What are Outcomes? 

These are referred to Key Results, these are typically measurable and are directly linked with metrics. The question to ask is, “how I'm going to get it done.” 

What are tasks? 

These are steps or projects to deliver the outcome, think, 'What can help me achieve this outcome?'. With tasks, you have the ability to assign an individual as the lead or owner, add a due date and add a description on the task to provide more context. 

See here for a more detailed tutorial.

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