Creating a workspace

1. Sign up

Go to You'll be prompted to set up your workspace. Fill out your initial details to set up your workspace, including your name and email.

2. Workspace details

Fill out details about your workspace, including the name of your workspace. We'd suggest naming your workspace after your company or organization. You can change this later if you want in My Workspace Settings.

3. Set up your workflow.

This is to ensure you receive your automatic reminders and progress reports.

  • Remind the team: This is an automatic reminder email sent out to your team. Select the day you would like to receive reminders to update your outcomes. 
  • Weekly progress reports: A automated weekly report will be sent to your entire team with the latest check-ins. Usually, you would pick a day or two after your reminder to give your team some time to complete their check-ins.

4. Invite your team

Invite team members by sharing the invitation link with your team or fill in emails of the team members you would like to invite in the form. You’ll be able to add members to your workspace later too.

What’s next?

Now that your workspace is all complete, your next step is creating your first plan

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