Integrate with Jira

Notes about the legacy integration

This integration is replacing our previous plugin (named " Tability for Jira – OKRs & goal-tracking [LEGACY]"). You can uninstall the legacy integration and install the new plugin without losing any data.

Setting up the Jira

1. Find the Tability app in Atlassian's Marketplace.

2. Install the Tability app on your Jira instance.

3. Configure the integration. After installing the app, click on the configure button to connect your instance to your Tability workspace. You will need 2 things to configure your workspace:

  • Workspace ID: the ID of your workspace, used in your workspace URL.
  • Workspace auth-token: the secret auth token of your workspace.

You can find your Workspace ID and workspace auth token by going to your Workspace Settings page. Just click on the settings icon in your left navigation bar.

Using the Jira Integration

Sync Tability initiatives with Jira tickets

Just copy a link to any Jira ticket as an initiative to start tracking your Jira ticket in Tability.

Tability will keep the Jira status in sync, and you'll be able to see an up-to-date state of the work in Jira without having to leave Tability.

See all the OKRs and goals that relate to a Jira ticket

Within Jira, you will be able to see all the goals that relate to a specific ticket by looking at the corresponding "Linked goals" section under the issue description.

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