Getting Started with Tability

There are 4 steps to get started in Tability:

  1. Create a workspace
  2. Create and save a plan
  3. Invite your teammates
  4. Create your first check-in

1. Create a workspace 

Start by creating a new workspace where your team will track their goals and work together. This should be the first screen you see after you have signed up on our website. Follow the prompts on the screen to fill out your workspace details:

  1. Workspace name and general info
  2. Setting up your workflow
  3. Invite your teammates

2. Create and save a plan

A plan is a container for your team goals or OKRs. There are 3 main components to your plan.

Objectives: a simple way to group outcomes.
Outcomes: a measurable goal that can have an owner and a target.
Tasks: Outcomes can have multiple tasks attached to them, with their corresponding owners. 

You can start from scratch or use a template to populate your plan. Our editor will display tips on the side to help you improve the structure of your plan.

Once you’re done editing your plan, set a timeline and publish it to start tracking your outcomes. Tability will start sending automated check-ins reminders to ensure that progress on outcomes is updated regularly.

3. Invite your team

Inviting your teammates will allow you to make them owners of outcomes and tasks in your workspace. 

There are 3 ways you can add people to your workspace:

  • Join via email domain: You can allow teammates with the same email domain as yours to join your workspace.
  • Share an invitation link: You can share a custom invitation link for your workspace in your team chat.
  • Invite individual users: You can invite individual users by email.

4. Create your first check-in

In the following week, you will receive a reminder in your email inbox to update your outcomes (monthly if you’re getting reminders once a month).

Once you’re in Tability you’ll navigate to your Inbox or to your plan. Click on an outcome to create your first check-in

That’s it! Look for a check-in reminder next week and watch your progress over time.

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