How to track progress on your goals?

Lesson: How to track the progress of your goals? 

📌 What do you mean by tracking?

Tracking progress is very important in understanding what is working vs. not working and creates a great opportunity for managers to identify areas they need to address. First-time OKR implementers, often try to use spreadsheets for tracking their progress. Some common issues with this is that team members forget to update the spreadsheet and managers are constantly requesting updates and also there’s no visualization of progress. 

📌 How to start tracking with Tability?

  1. Head to your Inbox or your plans page and you'll see some red dots, this signals that your outcome needs to be tracked and updated with the current status. 
  2. Click through on the outcome you are wanting to update and then click 'Create check-in'. 
  3. Within your check-in, you'll be able to update with details, including date, progress (for goals with targets), confidence status, and analysis. The better context you have, the better decisions you can make. Any member in Tability can add this update to your goal to ensure that the whole team has visibility on this goal's progress. 
  4. Once you have updated all your check-ins (red dotted outcomes). You have started tracking your progress, and will see progress.

📌 Benefits of tracking with Tability:

  • Providing automated weekly or monthly check-ins to your team
  • Providing progress visualization to help identify trends - simple visualization of progress on KR's does wonders to help understand if you’re getting off track
  • Providing an option to delegate goals - empowering individual contributors to be part of the tracking process
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