How can I best use Tability in my standups?

📌 What are standups?

A weekly standup is where you talk about what you've done in the day or week. 

📌 How do I organise standups using? 

  • Ensure updates/check-ins have already been done prior (option to set up automation) 
  • Ensure different owners of key results and outcomes have an understanding of why the score is what it 
  • Run through updates including check-ins, status and confidence
    • How did you get to where you are today?
    • Is there anything you need to do differently?
    • Do you have an ask for the team?
  • Run through insights view (for starter plan): you'll be able to see how many days are left, how much has been completed and how far you are from the result 
  • Create a ritual.
    • Every Monday: start the week by looking at progress on Key Results.
    • Every Friday: Do demos with the team to celebrate the good work that has been done.Read more here.
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