How to get more AI credits

AI credits are used whenever you perform an action that involves the goal-setting AI or the coaching AI of Tability.

What happens if you run out of credits?

Once you run out of credits, you will be unable to use the AI features until the next month when your AI quota will be renewed unless your workspace is on a trial.

But, there are 2 ways you can increase your AI credits quota.

Increase your monthly AI credits limit by upgrading

You can upgrade your workspace to a paid subscription to increase the quota of AI credits available every month for your workspace.

Increase your monthly AI credits limit by posting a review

You can also get an extra 5,000 AI credits on your quota by posting a positive review of Tability on G2.

  1. Write a positive review of Tability on G2.
  2. Send us a picture of your review via the support chat.
  3. Our team will add 5,000 AI credits to your monthly quota for each review posted (yes, you can have multiple users posting different reviews!)

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