How does the coaching AI work?

Tability has a unique coaching AI that can analyse your progress and suggest ideas to help you reach your goals faster.

How it works

Go to the "Coaching" tab of your outcome panel to display the Coaching module

Once you click on "Generate", Tability will use the metadata of your outcome and the check-ins data to assess your progress.

It will then give you a short summary of its analysis, and a series of possible action items to improve.


Tability uses OpenAI API to generate the analysis of your goals. We have carefully selected OpenAI because:

  • The data sent to OpenAI is not used to train their model.
  • The data sent to OpenAI is deleted after 30 days.
  • Their model is one of the most advanced, and can produce in depth analysis of progress.

Please refer to OpenAI's API Data usage policy for more information.

Here's what we share with OpenAI:

  • Outcome title
  • Starting date and finish date
  • Starting value and target
  • For each check-in we share the date of the check-in and the corresponding value
What is not shared:
  • Description of the outcome
  • Content of the check-in
  • Confidence assessment by the team

How to disable the Coaching AI

You can go to the privacy settings of your workspace to disable the coaching AI.

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