How to use Teams

You can use teams in Tability to filter plans and outcomes that belong to a specific team.

How to create a team

You can create a new team and add members in a couple of steps.

  1. Go to the Teams section of your workspace.
  2. Create a team.
  3. In your teams page, click on manage members.
  4. Invite the users that should be part of the team.

That's it, you will now be able to attach this team to outcomes in Tability.

How to attach a team to an outcome

Here's how you can attach one or more team to a specific outcome:

  1. Go to the details panel of your outcome.
  2. Click on the "+" button next to the Teams label.
  3. Search for your team and click on it to attach it to this outcome.

How to filter outcomes by teams

Once a team is attached to an outcome, you can use it in the Teams filter view to isolate the outcomes that are attached to that team.

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