How to add goals/OKRs in a plan

Updating the terms to match OKRs

You'll notice after creating a plan that Tability doesn't use the standard OKRs definitions. But don't worry! You can easily change the default terms Objectives, Outcomes, and Initiatives to be Objectives, Key Results and Initiatives. See how at customising the terms in your workspace.

In this post we'll refer to the default terms used in Tability.

Adding goals with the Plan Editor

The Plan Editor is a special view that allows you to quickly edit the content of your plan.

It’s a dedicated view tailored for goal-setting, where you will be able to add:

  • Objectives
  • Outcomes
  • Initiatives

You can add new lines to your plan by pressing enter, or by using the inline menu option when you click on the “+”.

One a new line is created, you will have the option to change the metadata associated (owner, target, due dates…).

Check out the guides below to go further with the Plan Editor.

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