Plan editor

Creating your plans starts with the Plan Editor. Here you can draft the structure and content of your objectives and outcomes.

Access the Plan Editor by creating a new plan through the Plans view, or editing an existing plan by clicking the ‘edit plan’ button in the top-right of the page.

Using the Plan Editor 

There are two ways to start building your plan: 

  1. Start with a template
  2. Begin typing to create your first objective. 

By using the [return] key you can move to the next line. Using [tab] you can move between objectives and outcomes and tasks. Tasks are nested within Outcomes and Outcomes are nested within Objectives.

Assigning owners and adding Targets 

Your outcomes and tasks are incomplete without adding owners to them. By default, you are the owner of each outcome or task. 

Using the floating menu (hover over a line), you can edit targets and owners. 

  • Plus icon: Add another line to your plan (objective, outcome or task)
  • Trash icon: Delete the selected line
  • Pencil icon: Edit Outcome or Edit Task
  • Comment icon: Add an inline comment to the Outcome or Task

Reviewers and Plan Score

The side panel in the Plan Editor is there to guide you in structuring your outcomes.

  • Plan Reviewers: Add people to your plan to help draft up the plan and add comments. When you add a teammate as a reviewer, they will be notified and the plan will appear in their Inbox.
  • Plan Score: A grading system that judges your plan on a 100 point scale, based on best practices and suggestions from experts.
  • Tips: Suggestions to help you improve some weak points in your plan to help improve your Plan Score.

Drafts and Publishing your Plan 

When you’re done with your plan, you can press the blue ‘publish’ button in the top right of the screen. To publish, you must first set a start and end date. This will default to the current quarter or the next quarter, depending on how much time is left in the current quarter.

Once a plan is published, check-in reminders will be activated. Your first check-in reminder will not be sent until the start date is passed.

If you leave your plan as a draft, you will not receive reminders, even if the start date is passed. You’ll be able to come back to edit your draft in the Plans view or from your Inbox under ‘reviews’.


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