How to create a check-in

A check-in is a status update on your Outcomes. Check-ins are meant to be done on a regular basis to assure that you are on track with the Outcomes you're trying to achieve.

Every week or month, the owner of an outcome will get a reminder to add a manually add a check-in to your Outcomes. Check-ins appear as a dot on the progress chart as well. 

Only the owners of a specific outcome will get a check-in reminder, but every user of a workspace is allowed to add a progress update via a check-in.

  1. Click on the outcome in your Inbox or its corresponding plan to open up the details panel.
  2. From the details panel, click on the “Create check-in” button to open up the check-in modal.

  3. Fill in the details.
    1. Date: this is the date of the check-in. Defaults to the current date.
    2. Progress: this is the value of your update.
    3. Confidence: use the red/yellow/green status to indicate your confidence level
    4. Analysis: provide additional context to your update.
  4. Click “Create” to post your check-in.
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