A check-in is a status update on your Outcomes. Check-ins are meant to be done on a regular basis to assure that you are on track with the Outcomes you're trying to achieve. Every week or month, the owner of an outcome will get a reminder to add a manually add a check-in to your Outcomes. Check-ins appear as a dot on the progress chart as well. 

Only owners will get a reminder to create a check-in, but anyone in the workspace can create one for an outcome.

There are a few fields required when creating a new update:

  • Date: The date in which you are making your check-in. By default this will auto-fill with today's date. If you would like to make a check-in retroactively for a date in the past, you can change the date manually. 
  • Confidence: Use the status field to indicate if your goal is on-track, at-risk or off-track.
  • Progress (for goals with targets): Input the current value of the Outcome. Tability will automatically calculate the percentage of completion for the goal.
  • Analysis: This is where you can add some notes about what has happened over the last week, your thoughts on the progress so far, and what you can do to improve.
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