Align and Cascade

📌 What does align and cascade mean?

Align your outcomes to ensure you can see progress on team objectives. Aligning outcomes allows you to see how your work is directly impacting and related to goals and objectives. 

Cascading aligns company objectives and goals down to individual level objectives. In Measure What Matters John Doerr wrote, "cascading enables a company to maximize its performance by moving forward together". Cascading OKRs has a strict relationship between Key Results and the lower-level Objectives (top-down). 

We refer to alignment rather than cascading, focusing on teams linking goals to company objectives (bottom-up). That way, teams can then define their own set of OKRs that align with company priorities without creating strict relationships. Read more on tips to align rather than cascade

📌 How to align or cascade objectives? 

Here's a guide on how to set up your plans for multiple teams. Then we'd suggest you follow this guide to show you how to align or cascade your objectives.

This 'Tree' view you'll be able to access in your outcomes plan view. 

*Available for Starter Plan 

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