Progress Chart

The progress chart visualises your check-ins and progress on your outcomes. You can find the progress chart by clicking on an outcome in your plan. 
The progress chart displays:
  • Check-ins: Check-ins appear on the chart as green, yellow, or red point depending on the confidence level of the check-in
  • Starting point and Target Value: The gray shaded area on the chart signifies a straight trajectory from your starting point to your outcome's target value. This gives you a general idea of whether you're ahead of schedule or behind schedule.
  • Trend line: The dotted line represents a calculated trajectory of your outcome based on the past three check-ins. If your outcome does not have three check-ins yet, there will be no trend line displayed.
  • Check-in history: Hover over a point on the chart to bring up details about that check-in. Click on the point to bring up the Check-in History and read more details of what happened that week. 
  • Comments: An icon with a chat bubble will appear over any check-ins where a colleague may have posted a comment. This way you know where discussions are happening and read more.
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