Automated check-in reminders

📌 What are the automated check-in reminders? 

These are automatic reminders that let your team know when check-ins are due. You'll receive reminders by email and receive a push reminder in the Tabby Slack app (once the integration has been set up). 

📌 How to set up automatic check-ins? 

Email check-ins

When setting up your workspace, you'll be able to configure automatic reminders and reports. You'll be able to edit your automatic check-ins when you are within your plan. 

  1. Head to plan menu (three dots)
  2. Edit Workflow 'Check-in Frequency'

Slack check-ins

Setting up the integration to allow for check-ins. 

  1. Head to plan menu (three dots) 
  2. Then click on Notifications
  3. Connect to Slack

Otherwise, you'll be able to set this up via integration settings in your workspace. 

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