Your Inbox is where you’ll find all of the work you're associated with in your workspace. You’ll have quick access to all things that need your attention. The Inbox is a great place to start your day and to remind you of where you left off when you clocked out yesterday. 

To access your Inbox, find it in the left-side navigation.

Your Inbox consists of 4 main elements:

  • Your Outcomes - All outcomes that need new check-ins
  • Your Tasks - All tasks in progress
  • Your Reviews - Plan drafts you’ve started writing or have been added to as a plan reviewer
  • Activity Feed (Recent Activity) - Shows recent actions taken by people in your workspace

Your Outcomes

You’ll see all outcomes assigned to you in this section. When you have check-ins that are due, you will see the number next to the tab glow red. When you complete your check-ins, and your outcomes are up to date, the alert will go away, and the outcomes will be moved to the bottom of your Inbox.

Your Tasks

View all tasks that are currently in progress. You can click the checkmarks to mark tasks completed. To manage what tasks you’re working on this week, go to the tasks view in your plan.

Your Reviews

Here you will see plans that are haven’t started yet or plans you've been added to as a plan reviewer

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Activity Feed (Recent activity)

See all of the latest activity from your teammates across the entire workspace. 

Learn more about the Activity Feed → 


When you have check-ins are past due, you will see the number next to the Pending Check-ins section glow red. Once the check-ins are completed, the red alerts will go away. If you have any Tasks or Reviews, the counter will appear but will be gray instead. It will only glow red when there are outstanding check-ins. 

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