📌 What is your Inbox? 

Your Inbox is a place to get quick access to the items that require your attention. 

Recently visited plans:  These are plans that you would have accessed recently. It provides you with three easy clicks from logging in to gain access quickly to your desired plan. 

Your Outcomes: This tab shows any check-ins owned or assigned to you that need an update. 

Your tasks: A list of jobs that are assigned to you. These could include tasks, initiatives or projects. These tasks don't require an update, but they need an action (tick off when done). 

Your reviews: These are plans that you are keeping an eye on. You may have been assigned a specific objective or created this plan. You will need to check on it and the tracking of this plan. 

Your feed: This is a place of activity. You will see how people contribute and how productive your team has been in reaching your goals. 

📌 Where to find it?

Your inbox is within your workspace. You'll be able to access this on the left-hand panel. 

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