How to use the OKRs templates

Tability provides a library of templates to help create your plan. You're welcome to use these templates as reference, or copy and edit them directly in your Tability plan.

Tability Templates Library

You can browse all of our templates from your browser without logging onto Tability on our Tability Community Site. You're more than welcome to copy these templates elsewhere. However, Tability makes it easy to use in one click. 

View all of the Templates here

Using templates in the Plan Editor

When a new plan you'll have the option to create your own objectives and outcomes or start with a template. 

  1. Navigate to your plan and click "Edit plan content".
  2. In the Plan Editor. You'll see a button at the bottom of your plan labeled "Use a template". Clicking this brings up the Templates modal.
  3. Search by name or tag, and select the Template you would like to use.
  4. You have now copied the Template content and it's been added into your plan. From here you can edit, move and assign the outcomes.
  5. If you would like to add more, you can click the "Use a template" button again. Selecting another template will not remove the content already in your plan and will be added below your existing plan content. 
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